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SFYB 2021-22 Health & Safety Plan Process

Click the link below for direction and guidelines on how to proceed with a COVID-19 situation.   For any questions, please address them to the Health & Safety Committee at:

Link to Health & Safety Guidelines & Process for COVID-19 Notifications

Spring-Ford Youth Basketball

2021-2022 Health and Safety Plan


Initial Effective Date: NOVEMBER 5, 2021

Date of Last Review: NOVEMBER 5, 2021

Date of Last Revision: NOVEMBER 5, 2021


Spring-Ford Youth Basketball (SFYB) is planning to start the basketball recreational and travel programs starting November 8, 2021 for all registered members from 1st through 12th grade for the 2021-2022 season.

SFYB will monitor and adhere to Spring-ford Area School District (SFASD) Heath and Safety plan.  The most current version of the plan can be found on the SFASD website link below.

In addition, SFYB

  • will monitor and adhere to any non-SFASD facility requirements
  • expects our members to respect and adhere to the site-specific plans
  • monitor school closures due to COVID for potential impact to league activities
  • will communicate updates to our members as necessary

SFYB Health and Safety Planning Team

The Health and Safety Planning Team consists of the current SFYB board members.

Team Member

Stakeholder Group

Martin Magazzolo

SFYB, President

Megan Wescott

SFYB, Vice President

Chris Yohn

SFYB, Recreational Director

Kevin Chistman

SFYB, Travel Director

Kevin Kovaleski

SFYB, Treasurer

Marty Earley

SFYB, Marketing Director

Heather Pozniak

SFYB, Secretary

SFASD Health and Safety Plan Highlights (August 23, 2021)

In accordance with the PA Department of Education guidance, the district’s Health and Safety Plan must be approved by each school entity’s governing body.  This plan was approved and posted on June 30, 2021 by the Spring-Ford Area School District School Board and is posted on the district website, located at  Throughout the implementation period, the SFASD Health and Safety Team will review the plan and make updates as needed (every 6 months minimally).  Updates will be reviewed with the Board of School Directors and posted to the district website with a date to reflect the most current updates. SFASD will

  • Monitor non-SFASD facility
    • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    • The Pennsylvania Department of Health (PaDoH)
    • The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)
    • The Montgomery Office of Public Health (MCOPH)
  • If schools are required to be closed fully, SFASD athletics and extra-curricular activities will follow PaDoH/PDE/MCOPH/PIAA/PAC requirements.Guidelines will be considered.
  • To the extent significant changes are required to this plan, the administration will seek board authorization to enact such changes

Highlights of Mask Requirements / Spectator Viewing for Sports

Health and Safety Plan requires the following in association with school entry and use of the gymnasiums.  These policies are effective 11/5/21.

  • All visitors utilizing SFASD facilities:
    • Players/Coaches/Spectators always wear masks
    • Players are allowed to remove masks during active competition, while on the court
    • Coaches and bench players are required to always wear masks
    • Referees are allowed to remove masks during active game time
    • No current restrictions on number of spectators for games
  • All visitors and players utilizing the Upper Providence Township Rec Center:
    • There are no current mask restrictions
    • There are no current spectator limitations
  • All visitors and players utilizing the Spring Valley YMCA:
    • Adhere to current restrictions set forth within the building

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